earthwork & grading services

Even the best of construction materials need repair from time to time. One of the advantages of asphalt pavement is the comparative ease of making effective repairs to distressed areas. There are two types of patching in pavement maintenance: Remove and Replace (R&R) and Skin or Surface Patching.


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laser guided


sonar controlled


Earthwork consists of excavations (cuts) and embankments (fills) for associated items of work. Earthwork includes many types of materials excavated and placed in embankment, including soil, granular material, rock, shale, and other materials.

The scope of earthwork may include removal of structures and obstructions, like excavation and preparation of foundations or disposal in preparation for sub-base.

Earthwork creates the foundation in the preparation phase for the pavement to remain smooth and stable for many years of service. The foundation must provide suitable support. When roughness and distress develop in pavement, it is often a lack of stable earthwork that leads to the loss of support under the pavement.

To develop a strong stable base ARS utilizes Laser and Sonar guided Equipment.